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Comfort On A Long Flight


So you’ve made your way through the hectic maze that is TSA and the process of boarding, now it’s time to get cozy and ready for your long flight. Long hauls can wreak havoc on your body, cramping your comfort and style. I’ve had to learn these tricks the hard way. So you don’t have to go the trail, error, pain, and  annoyances I have here are a few tips to help make your lengthy flight a bit more enjoyable.

Dress for comfort:                                                                      Wear comfortable layers and shoes. Generally when flights begin the cabin is warm, however after take off there are huge temperature variations in cabin, not to mention frequent weather changes.

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A City At Night


Hong Kong Lights

I love the city when the sun goes down and the cities lights come on. As a child I took great joy watching the city of Chicago sparkle bright as the sun set. Buildings shining bright giving the skyline a majestic glow, the city a shine of pride. As an adult no matter what I am in, I still treasure the sights of this wondrous daily transformation.