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Problem Solved



Those’s of you who truly know me, know how much I love business and have a deep understanding of what makes a small business highly success. After all this time, I’ve finally found the solution for my clients that aren’t getting what they want out of their businesses!

While running my consultancy for the past 5 years, what I discovered was that all of the businesses I was working in were lacking an overall business structure, which was limiting their effectiveness and growth. Because I was working within just one area of the business — even though I was assisting them in strengthening their processes and procedures — I realized that the success would be limited. The entire company must be involved, strong, focused, and in complete alignment for the companies vision to be achieved. I desired to find a system that could be implemented company-wide, and would create a lasting impact and massive success long after I was gone.

No matter how many business books I read, seminars attended, or trainings I received, I couldn’t find anything that completely resonated with me and my personal vision. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Entrepreneurial Organization System last year that everything came together.

The Entrepreneurial Organization System has been captured and detailed in the book Traction by Gino Wickman.  When I read the book, I knew it was the missing piece that would help me bring successful change throughout an entire organization.

I am now dedicating all of my time to helping clients implement Traction so they can get what they want from their businesses.

Do you know of an entrepreneur or business owner that will benefit from implementing a system of discipline, accountability and focused vision into their business? If so, I would greatly appreciate an introduction. For more information about what I do, visit: www.getmaxtraction.com.


-Courtney A. Seard