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Dear Seattle,


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Dear Seattle,

I took you for granted when I had you. I didn’t appreciate all you had to offer. The great food. Amazing artist.  Flannel fashion everything. Beautiful landscape. Ezzele’s chicken. Cafe Vita coffee. Angst filled Hipsters. Diverse culture (in comparison to Las Vegas…you’re still mighty whitey). The Nordstrom flagship store and KEXP.

Most importantly Seattle, I love you for the amazing quality of wacky, loving, kind, talented, and intelligent people I’ve collected there. Yes, you still get on my nerves. With your ultra liberal policies (I don’t nor do I believe in recycling, plus I like to litter at times…Stone Me!) Your super dog friendly establishments (dogs don’t belong in a restaurant. Period. Unless cats are welcome too.) Your passive aggressive, bad driving and desperate lack of Sun.

But hey, that’s what makes you, you. Although we are never getting back together, I’m so grateful  I’m afforded the opportunity to come back and spend a little quality time with you and your merry band of latte loving liberals. Rock on Seattle!

With Gratitude Always,

-Courtney A’mee Seard

“The Art of Seduction”


Would You Like to Learn How to Attract Every Thing YOU Truly Desire?

Learn the most subtle, elusive, and powerful skills of the art of seduction. Would you like to have the ability to turn heads as you enter any room? Or know how to read the energy of others to see if they will be pleasing to you? Why should you settle for less when you can learn tricks to having it all? Read the rest of this entry

Real House Music… Episode 44 by DJ Nathan Scott

~House Music Chicago Style~

~House Music Chicago Style~

DJ Nathan Scott:

Episode 44:Real House Music… Chicago Style


This is one of the best house sets out there right now, embodying the original feel and spirit of house music’s home and my home Chicago, Il. I’ve begun to start my day with it each morning. One hour of  soul  quenching beats. Hell yeah! I mean how could you not have a joyous day with a harmonious start like this?!  When the music builds and “I’m addicted to drums and I’m a slave to the dark beat” blares I mean really,  how does it get any better than this?

Rep Yo City…Las Vegas Is Life and I Love It!


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I love Life, I love Las Vegas, and I love living My Life in Las Vegas. For Life is Las Vegas, one big gamble.

In Life, like Las Vegas… regardless of your best intentions, the best laid plans, the sure shot, the no brainer, the counted cards ready to grant you 21…those counted cards, like plans, crash, implode and burn. You bust like a motherfucker. Knocked on your ass, like a Mayweather cheap shot. Licking your wounds, pissed off, ego bruised, just salty.

And just like Vegas, in Life… one second you’re riding high in April and shot down in May. Yet with all great risk Read the rest of this entry

Something’s Gotta Give


Pay it Back. Pay it Forward.

Traveling has given me so much. Unbelievable adventures, new friends, massive self-discovery and its expanded my horizons, opening my eyes to the struggles of others.

In this mad and crazy world we live in, it’s easy for us in our daily lives to forget about our blessing, focusing on what is lacking rather than what we have. I find the practice of giving back to others not only helps me realize all that I am grateful for; it also brings me great joy.

We’re all in this world together and I believe that if we all help one another, we’ll make this world a better place. Reach one teach one, pay it a back, pay if forward, let’s appeal to our better angels and help.

Here are a few of my favorite organizations around the globe and here in US whose work inspires me. Check them out, and if inspired…GIVE Someone’s gotta! So why not you! Read the rest of this entry

Comfort On A Long Flight


So you’ve made your way through the hectic maze that is TSA and the process of boarding, now it’s time to get cozy and ready for your long flight. Long hauls can wreak havoc on your body, cramping your comfort and style. I’ve had to learn these tricks the hard way. So you don’t have to go the trail, error, pain, and  annoyances I have here are a few tips to help make your lengthy flight a bit more enjoyable.

Dress for comfort:                                                                      Wear comfortable layers and shoes. Generally when flights begin the cabin is warm, however after take off there are huge temperature variations in cabin, not to mention frequent weather changes.

Read the rest of this entry