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Dear Seattle,


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Dear Seattle,

I took you for granted when I had you. I didn’t appreciate all you had to offer. The great food. Amazing artist.  Flannel fashion everything. Beautiful landscape. Ezzele’s chicken. Cafe Vita coffee. Angst filled Hipsters. Diverse culture (in comparison to Las Vegas…you’re still mighty whitey). The Nordstrom flagship store and KEXP.

Most importantly Seattle, I love you for the amazing quality of wacky, loving, kind, talented, and intelligent people I’ve collected there. Yes, you still get on my nerves. With your ultra liberal policies (I don’t nor do I believe in recycling, plus I like to litter at times…Stone Me!) Your super dog friendly establishments (dogs don’t belong in a restaurant. Period. Unless cats are welcome too.) Your passive aggressive, bad driving and desperate lack of Sun.

But hey, that’s what makes you, you. Although we are never getting back together, I’m so grateful  I’m afforded the opportunity to come back and spend a little quality time with you and your merry band of latte loving liberals. Rock on Seattle!

With Gratitude Always,

-Courtney A’mee Seard