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Shanghai, China

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, as every picture tells a story. A photo can convey what may take many words to express. Highlighting a mood, while capturing moments in time. I invite you to join my journey visually by following the_jet_set_diaires on Instagram.

Instagram is a mobile application that allows you to view and share photo’s with others in a quick and easy manner. Along with its mobile app, the site also has web-based pages where you can view users profiles. You can find The Jet Set Diaries webpage here at http://instagram.com/the_jet_set_diaries or follow me on your mobile device under the_jet_set_diaries. I invite you to see a bit of the world through my eyes and experience a part of my travels and life journey.

So come join the visual adventure!

-Courtney A. Seard

Real House Music… Episode 44 by DJ Nathan Scott

~House Music Chicago Style~

~House Music Chicago Style~

DJ Nathan Scott:

Episode 44:Real House Music… Chicago Style


This is one of the best house sets out there right now, embodying the original feel and spirit of house music’s home and my home Chicago, Il. I’ve begun to start my day with it each morning. One hour of  soul  quenching beats. Hell yeah! I mean how could you not have a joyous day with a harmonious start like this?!  When the music builds and “I’m addicted to drums and I’m a slave to the dark beat” blares I mean really,  how does it get any better than this?

A City At Night


Hong Kong Lights

I love the city when the sun goes down and the cities lights come on. As a child I took great joy watching the city of Chicago sparkle bright as the sun set. Buildings shining bright giving the skyline a majestic glow, the city a shine of pride. As an adult no matter what I am in, I still treasure the sights of this wondrous daily transformation.