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FIVE ways to cool down this summer




The summer is finally here, and the heat is on!  Here are a few ways you can enjoy Las Vegas’ long summer days and nights at The Light Group’s signature restaurants and lounges. These world-renowned venues offer cocktails and menu items sure to cool you down!  Take your pick with these FIVE ways to cool down this summer:

Start off your 24-hour Champagne diet at LIQUID Pool Lounge located at the Aria hotel. Bottle Popping is not a new to concept to Vegas yet, nothing compares to LIQUID’s extravagant  “Champagne Fire Drill.” Temperatures rise as bikinis clad goddesses armed with chilled bottles of champagne make their way to drench you with the sweet suds of the nectar of the Gods.  It is the ultimate way to cool down and get the party started at the same time.

If you’re looking for a cool treat, STACK Restaurant and Bar, at the Mirage is the place to be. World renowned, Chef Brian Massie’s has created a decadent House Made Mint Chocolate Chip Bon Bons. These bite-sized treats made with fresh mint, rich and creamy ice-cream and served with a delectable milk chocolate Bailey’s dipping sauce, will surly revitalize your you and your taste buds from Vegas’s long hot summer nights.

Let go of your inhabitations at BARE Pool Lounge at the Mirage, and cool off by their tantalizing pool while enjoying an array of fresh frozen treats like watermelon, dragon fruit, and grapes. If that doesn’t do the trick slip your top and work on your tan while sipping a number of seductive frozen cocktails at this Light Group’s excusive topless pool. 

Sometimes you need to detox to retox and you can do this a selection of refreshing signature juices from The Vodka Vault at Red Square located at the Mandalay Bay. Cool down and rejuvenate while enjoying the Miami inspired “South Beach” which combines watermelon, carrot, orange and pineapple creating a refreshing and hydrating treat or quench your thirst with the “Melon-Aid” an exotic blend of honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes, lime and ginger sure to provide a much needed energizing boost. 

The Vodka Vault at Red Square, also located in the Mandalay Bay was recently named one of America’s best Vodka Bars by USA Today is one of the coolest places in Vegas. This has nothing to do with it’s zero to five degrees Fahrenheit Vodka Vault which keeps all of their signature drinks chilled to perfection.  It’s so cold you’ll need to bust out the custom furs provided by Red Square to stay warm, which is just want you’ll need to cool down from all of the partying and heat of the Vegas Summer. While you’re cooling off inside the ice bar, you can warm up your inside with various shot flights like “From Russian with Love” featuring Stolichnaya vodka, “Jewel of Russia” made with the Russian Standard & Imperia ($42) and “Made In The USA” featuring Skyy, Charbay, Harvest & Hangar One ($30).  If none of these frosty treats satisfy you, you can enjoy signature cocktails on the chilled Ice Bar. 

There are many ways to stay cool in the Vegas hot summer sun, and Light Group has you covered. If you’re looking to cool off by the pool and enjoy a few drinks, cools your heels at a Russian inspired world class vodka bar or enjoy a little healthy rejuvenation, they have you covered.  No matter where you go you can stay cool and know that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Problem Solved



Those’s of you who truly know me, know how much I love business and have a deep understanding of what makes a small business highly success. After all this time, I’ve finally found the solution for my clients that aren’t getting what they want out of their businesses!

While running my consultancy for the past 5 years, what I discovered was that all of the businesses I was working in were lacking an overall business structure, which was limiting their effectiveness and growth. Because I was working within just one area of the business — even though I was assisting them in strengthening their processes and procedures — I realized that the success would be limited. The entire company must be involved, strong, focused, and in complete alignment for the companies vision to be achieved. I desired to find a system that could be implemented company-wide, and would create a lasting impact and massive success long after I was gone.

No matter how many business books I read, seminars attended, or trainings I received, I couldn’t find anything that completely resonated with me and my personal vision. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Entrepreneurial Organization System last year that everything came together.

The Entrepreneurial Organization System has been captured and detailed in the book Traction by Gino Wickman.  When I read the book, I knew it was the missing piece that would help me bring successful change throughout an entire organization.

I am now dedicating all of my time to helping clients implement Traction so they can get what they want from their businesses.

Do you know of an entrepreneur or business owner that will benefit from implementing a system of discipline, accountability and focused vision into their business? If so, I would greatly appreciate an introduction. For more information about what I do, visit:


-Courtney A. Seard

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

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“One In A Million”, Peter Gonquist’s exhibit at ArtNow NY, is a provocative commentary on the glamorization of rampant consumption and violence that dominates our popular culture.

Gonquist, a mixed media artist uses, Neo Baroque high-gloss and gold-gilded finishes atop his animal taxidermy sculptures, creating visually stunning pieces melding the innocent and the aggressor.

“One In A Million” is an exhibit that shouldn’t be missed. Show Dates: June 6th-July 6th, 2013. ARTNOW NY 548 West 28th Street New York, NY 10001

Dear Seattle,


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Dear Seattle,

I took you for granted when I had you. I didn’t appreciate all you had to offer. The great food. Amazing artist.  Flannel fashion everything. Beautiful landscape. Ezzele’s chicken. Cafe Vita coffee. Angst filled Hipsters. Diverse culture (in comparison to Las Vegas…you’re still mighty whitey). The Nordstrom flagship store and KEXP.

Most importantly Seattle, I love you for the amazing quality of wacky, loving, kind, talented, and intelligent people I’ve collected there. Yes, you still get on my nerves. With your ultra liberal policies (I don’t nor do I believe in recycling, plus I like to litter at times…Stone Me!) Your super dog friendly establishments (dogs don’t belong in a restaurant. Period. Unless cats are welcome too.) Your passive aggressive, bad driving and desperate lack of Sun.

But hey, that’s what makes you, you. Although we are never getting back together, I’m so grateful  I’m afforded the opportunity to come back and spend a little quality time with you and your merry band of latte loving liberals. Rock on Seattle!

With Gratitude Always,

-Courtney A’mee Seard

The Best Travel Magazine EVER (And it’s the Travel Edition)


"Pack Up and Let's Fly Away!"

I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to travel magazines. I await their monthly arrival and each month pretty much doing the same. I flip through the pages go “oh that’s nice” and toss it away. I hold subscriptions to “Travel & Leisure”, “National Geographic Traveler”, “Budget Travel” and “Conde’ Nast Traveler” just to name a few. They’re beautiful; inspire dreams, yet pretty much repetitive in content. All providing the same recycled locations; product tips, lovely photography’s, and regurgitated stories. One, I’ve yet read cover to cover.

Then arrives my  “Bloomberg BusinessWeek Travel Special”. Skeptical (that’s just how I be) and not expecting much, I was delightfully surprised. This edition is filled with some of the best Read the rest of this entry

The beginning of the celebration of My 35th Year….


As a little girl, all I can recall is wanting to visit Sydney, Australia. In all honesty I never thought I’d make it there. Last year around this time before turning 34, I made a declaration “I’m going to Sydney, Australia in 2012”. Due to a series of miraculous events, it all fell into place.

I just arrived back from Sydney today filled with so many emotions. I don’t yet have the words to express my journey. The intense happiness, joy and beauty. The
deep moments of reflective sadness and regret experienced. The bar being set even higher once again.

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