The Best Travel Magazine EVER (And it’s the Travel Edition)


"Pack Up and Let's Fly Away!"

I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to travel magazines. I await their monthly arrival and each month pretty much doing the same. I flip through the pages go “oh that’s nice” and toss it away. I hold subscriptions to “Travel & Leisure”, “National Geographic Traveler”, “Budget Travel” and “Conde’ Nast Traveler” just to name a few. They’re beautiful; inspire dreams, yet pretty much repetitive in content. All providing the same recycled locations; product tips, lovely photography’s, and regurgitated stories. One, I’ve yet read cover to cover.

Then arrives my  “Bloomberg BusinessWeek Travel Special”. Skeptical (that’s just how I be) and not expecting much, I was delightfully surprised. This edition is filled with some of the best travel articles and stories I’ve ever read. I just couldn’t put it down, I was addicted. I’ve begun to craft new travel strategies, pat myself on the back for already belonging to the best hotel program on the plant (SPG Hotel Group) and holding one of the best reward credit cards out there (Amex SPG).

Some hate to travel. With the TSA experience, cost cutting, additional fee’s, a weak economy and packed planes with oversized luggage hitting you while slowing down the process, I can understand why. However for some of us, it’s a delight, each of the aforementioned a thrilling challenge.  I love nothing more than being up in the air, and amazing journalism like this makes me want to choose more.

Thank you Bloomberg Businessweek, and Bravo on a job very well done!

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