The beginning of the celebration of My 35th Year….


As a little girl, all I can recall is wanting to visit Sydney, Australia. In all honesty I never thought I’d make it there. Last year around this time before turning 34, I made a declaration “I’m going to Sydney, Australia in 2012”. Due to a series of miraculous events, it all fell into place.

I just arrived back from Sydney today filled with so many emotions. I don’t yet have the words to express my journey. The intense happiness, joy and beauty. The
deep moments of reflective sadness and regret experienced. The bar being set even higher once again.

One thing I can stay is that I’ve left my heart in Sydney. It will take a while for me to decompress and express. Life is short. I’m going to be 35 yet I don’t feel a day over 13 A preteen playing in an adult world. I know with more intensity that I will set wide targets, aiming at them daily. Hit that bullseye and set larger ones.

If you truly live the life you dream, although uneasy and most thinking you’re crazy…You’ll never be bored living life with joy, wonder and glory.

As I live my last day as a 34 year old, I can say this for certain I’m doing it my way.

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