Peace Within Me…

Peace Within Me…

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I’ve been to Hong Kong over twelve times in the past four years. Simply put, Hong Kong is one of my favorite places on earth. While looking at my Passport today, I realized I’ve visited that fair city four times in 2011.

I feel in love July 2001. Durning my first trip to Hong Kong. Each trip I take, I always return to Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, to see my lover; the Big Buddha. I once went there 3 hours before my flight departed, spending less than 20 minutes there. Just enough time to walk to the Buddha then head back. It’s that important to me. I choose to close my trips to Hong Kong there. Burying the past and setting intentions for my future.

I have never found a place so filled with people, that I feel so calm. I feel at home and filled with peace. I can’t explain it. It happened 18 minutes into my first cable car ride, as I crested the hill; it caught my eye and I was never the same. I burst into tears, because I truly felt as I belonged. An indescribable peace, a comfortable stillness washed over me. Each time I visit the monastery, I discover new pieces of me, and I am inspired, renewed. Filled with joy and reflection. I still shed tears of fulfillment.

No matter how many times I go, I’m always breath taken. Feeling deeply at peace, present and aware of my blessings and gifts. Grateful for my contributions and possibilities. Soothed to my soul.

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