Book of The Month: “They Called Her Styrene”

Book of The Month: “They Called Her Styrene”

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I found love in a hopeless place, while staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  “They Called Her Styrene” by Ed Ruscha is the lover who stole my heart, and it is a visual masterpiece. After getting down with Social Media types at a Womma Conference opening after party last night I came across this book in the suite, it had me at hello.

The feel of a film noir novel without a plot or narrative, this reproduction of Ruscha’s word drawings and paintings, grabbed me, filling my heart with excitement and wonder. The illusions, fonts and use of color, give this book so much depth. Words have such deep meaning, an energetic resonance and it visually captures it.

It’s amazing how one word, so simple can evoke such passion, pain, desire, wanting, joy, happiness, wonder, love and lust. This book is art at it’s finest. I picked up my camera to snap one picture, and then another and another and I couldn’t just stop taking over 60 photo’s, and ordering it soon after. So if like me; and one of your first love’s are words, and you want an escape of the mind, check out “They Called Her Styrene”, I assure you won’t be disappointed.

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