When Humanism Meets Aviation….


"Bee, Butterfly, Dragonfly" by: Anne Scott

“Art In Nature”                                                                                 A Portland International Airport Art Exhibit

To me, airports are magical. They are a portal to adventure, freedom and escape. Art embodies the same meaning to me. Transporting me to new worlds, sparking my creativity and imagination just as traveling does.  So when you combine the two, airports and art, it’s a mash up made in heaven.

I have a great fascination with airport art, as it embodies the charter of its city, representing the influences of its people and history. Nothing pleases me more, then as I make my way through the airport, amongst all the hustle and bustle and find hidden in plan sight magnificent artwork.

Some exhibits I pass by, admiring the beauty and uniqueness of the display from afar. Yet some exhibits capture my attention, stimulating my thoughts and emotions requiring me to stop and take notice.

And this is exactly the effect of Portland International Airport’s  “Art In Nature” exhibit had on me.

Just take a glimpse of this fantastic exhibit; taking basic items in nature and turning them into beautiful pieces of art.

Enjoy a few photo’s of my favorite pieces from “Art in Nature” exhibit… Simply beautiful, simply inspiring!

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