Jesus and The Jet…


"We Got To Psalms Just To Make It Today"

I love Alaska Airlines I really do. It is by far the best domestic airline period, however I find these biblical quotes a bit unsettling. Yeah, Virgin America is great; sexy, hip and cool; but they don’t have the perks and partnerships frequent flyers like me require.

I first noticed this three years ago upon becoming an MVP
member and began to receive the wonderful first class upgrades. Luckily as my travels have increased, I’ve had the with privilege of first class upgrades on other airlines, yet I haven’t come across this. At first, I though Alaska Airlines was a private company, which would in my rational explain away the Psalms quotes but alas they aren’t. Alaska Air is a publicly traded company, and generally publicly traded companies try to maintain neutral viewpoints, as views and beliefs are attached to the bottom line.

I grew up in a very religious household. As an adult I’ve chosen to take more of a spiritual path to give praise, rather than that based in organized religion. I too am live and let live. Yet I’m also hypersensitive to inclusion and exclusion of others. This comes from many years of being the ‘only black person’ to/in fill in the blank. I understand ‘The Book of Psalms’ is a mix of the Hebrew and Christian Bible; this combination provides 150 beautiful pomes and hymns that in generally express gratitude, peace and love. Gratitude, peace, and love…I’m all about it, more please. Personally I love the book of Psalms. I own a “Precious Moments Bible” inspired by the book of Psalms. Yet, I don’t print these sayings on my business cards as I pass them out, or my invoices when seeking payment. So why place them on my dining tray when severing me a meal?

I don’t know. I give Alaska Airlines respect for placing them on their dining trays, do you and do it well. I just question the motives, purpose and reasons behind it.  I personally prefer to leave Jesus, religion and spiritual matters on the ground at home, but hey live and let live.

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