Passport to Adventure


Various Transit Cards Around The World

One of the main reasons I love traveling, is the constant feeling of renewal and discovery I have each time I arrive to a new city, or one I haven’t fully explored. Knowing that an undiscovered world awaits me, I love nothing more than grabbing a map (I also use iPhone “maps”… I’m old school and need something tactile too) a coffee and hitting the streets ready for adventure. There is no better way to discover a city than by using it’s mass transit system. Now taking public transit where I reside is another story, (a story of not happening) but travel is about expanding, so I go.

With map in hand, iPod in ear and feelings of enthusiasm adventure and fear, I journey into the heart of these cities. New York to Chicago, Tokyo to Hong Kong, San Francisco to London and beyond, I’ve discovered new sides and character of these cites and myself immersing myself in local sites off the beaten tourist path.

I generally know my way around Hong Kong.  This in large part due to my many solo city adventures, where I hopped on bus or train in search of what I desire. The three years of traveling there three times a year; I’m never let down when I branch out. I discover a new restaurant, shop, and the best reflexology place. I continue to expand my foodie horizons eating new fruits, local delicacies and candies. From a double-decker bus system; to lightening speed above and below ground rail and ferries that cross the Hong Kong harbor; it is easy to connect to all of Hong Kong islands, soaking in the local flavor and culture that she has to offer.

Seeing the old castles of the Welsh countryside traveling from Cardiff to London was absolutely breathtaking. Buildings older than America, castle after castle passing me by. Landscape unfamiliar to my eyes, my soul enriched with such beauty.

There is no better way to soak up the flavor of New York City, than to take the metro system, seriously.  Seeing the beauty and sparkle of Chicago as you weave through the buildings of downtown on the EL.

Similar stories unfold providing me with new experiences. It’s what I live for, why I travel. All possible with a transit card in hand.

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